Focaccia and Ciabatta Bread (7 hours)

  • Request with minimum 2 pax.
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Focaccia and Ciabatta Bread

Focaccia nad Ciabatta – both are popular and well-liked Italian bread.

Focaccia a flat oven-baked Italian bread, similar in style and texture to pizza; in some places, it is called “pizza bianca”;  Ciabatta is an Italian white bread made from wheat flour, water, salt, yeast and olive oil,  made with a strong flour and uses a much wetter dough than traditional French bread.

Both to be served as either a side dish or as sandwich bread.

Duration: Total approx 7 hours



Understanding the theory, ingredients and learn the skills and technique in making Focaccia and Ciabatta Bread, a longer processing in kneading, fermentation, proofing and baking both breads.

  • Get to prepare and knead both dough, hands-on by participants
  • Knead your own breads, individual station
  • Understanding the concept of Kneading, Resting, Knocking, Proofing, and Baking this longer process than Artisan Bread
  • Apply herds, tomatos, olive, olive oil on the bread
  • Bring home both breads made in class



  • $240 per participant
  • Individual station.  No sharing with other participants. 100% Hands-on.
  • Small Class Size (2 to 8 participants)
  • You can request for your preferred date and time with minimum 2 pax if our published schedule does not meet your requirement.



  • Request with minimum 2 pax


Miss the class or Can’t attend the above dates?

  • Request your class at your preferred date and time with minimum 2 participants. Get a friend or family member to join you!
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Request with minimum 2 pax