Bread Baking



claimable up to $480 per participant


4 Days Bread Foundation Workshop

(Total approx 24 hours)

Certificate of Completion will be awarded

$480 per participant

Minimum 2 to start the course


$960 per participant

1-to-1 coaching

Choose your own date and time, to complete within 30 days.


Attend our published scheduled class

Bread Making Foundation Course

4 Sessions Bread Foundation Class
(Total approx 24 hours)

Certificate of Completion will be awarded

Available Schedule

Session 1: Theory | Straight Dough | Bread Roll
11th August | Saturday | 10am to 5pm
8th September | Saturday | 11am to 5pm  

Session 2: Sponge Dough | Assorted Bread
18th August | Saturday | 11am to 5pm (Closed Registration)
12th August | Sunday | 11am to 5pm   

Session 3: Sour Dough | Artisan Bread
25th August | Saturday | 11am to 5pm
19th August | Sunday | 11am to 5pm (Closed Registration)

Session 4: Cook Dough Tangzhong | Loaf Bread
1st September | Saturday | 11am to 5pm  (Closed Registration)
26th August | Sunday | 11am to 5pm    

$480 per participant
(Skillsfuture Credit claimable)

Email / SMS us for registration.

Can't Join Us?
Request for new date / time with minimum 2 pax

Programme covers:

Bread Roll

Straight Dough Method

Assorted Bread

Soft Dough Method

Loaf Bread

Cooked Dough Method (tang-zhong)

Artisan Bread