ITSI Baking Studio
Baking Workshop for Individual, group and Corporate Team Bonding.


Baking Class Schedule

Have confidence to bake at home!  

  • All Baking Classes are fully individual hands-on, unless otherwise stated.  
  • All tools and equipment used are home-based type, similar to your home environment. 
  • Use common ingredients, mostly available in supermarket and baking suppliers shop 
  • No washing and cleaning of tools & equipment.  Baking Class timing fully occupied with baking session

Request for your preferred Date, Time & Pastry

  • With minimum 2 pax, you can always request for your preference date & time.  (Morning / Afternoon / Evening)
  • One to one coaching is available at higher rate.
  • With 4 pax and above, you can request for a private class.
  • Welcome Corporate Team Bonding inquiries. 

Payment Method
[1] Bank Transfer / PayLah / PayNow
Email / SMS / Whatsapp us the course you would like to sign-up, and we will reply with our bank account details.
Email:  |

SMS / Whatsapp:  +65 8383-5698

[2] Credit Card Payment via PayPal.
You do not need to create PayPal account if you do not wish to.  Enter the course detail, click and enter your Credit Cards details when prompt.

Terms & Conditions
  1. Pre-registration and payment is required to secure a seat
  2. No cancellation is allowed once payment is made. However, you could choose another date / course where available.  You will need to inform us 7 days before the class date and attend the session within 14 days 
  3. No refund of course fee or replacement of class if you did not turn up for the class 
  4. As we have limited space at our baking studio, we kindly required your cooperation not to bring additional guest / kid to the class.
  5. Do arrive early / on-time to avoid the introduction of the class. We will start the class on-time.
  6. Packaging will be provided after the class. However, you are encouraged to bring your own containers / box / bags to save the world.
  7. During class, you are allowed to take pictures BUT STRICTLY NO VIDEOING. Images taken during class by ITSI BAKING STUDIO will be posted at our own sites and media